Alene Candles

Full-service contract manufacturing of superior quality, custom-designed fragranced candles

We understand that achieving an optimal, safe burn plays a crucial role in repeat sales and brand loyalty.

Alene Candles‘ strict protocols for testing and development provide data and expertise to ensure these expectations are met. Expert staff at our custom-designed on-site R&D, Burn Testing and Stability Testing Laboratories conduct tests in multiple shifts, enabling faster development time and improved speed-to-market.


Burn Testing Lab

We burn and monitor each project to ASTM requirements and customer specifications. With our extensive laboratory facilities, we're able to test up to 1500 candles a day, allowing both excellence and efficiency.

Our labs boast specially designed burn rooms, each with its own independent HVAC system. By providing continuous fresh air exchanges to control oxygen levels and air flow, in addition to strict temperature control and uniform testing surfaces, we can ensure optimal testing conditions. Automatic record-keeping guarantees that data is accurately captured for analysis.


Stability Testing Lab

In our stability laboratory, we subject a candle to extreme conditions such as freezing and thawing to make certain it will arrive at its destination in perfect form. Other tests evaluate fade-resistance to make sure that the candle remains as designed when exposed to light sources, as well as anti-aging methods to ensure the candle survives the test of time.

alene Quality Assurance

All product testing is done in our laboratories for the ultimate in quality assurance. Our suppliers, products and materials adhere to the requirements of California Proposition 65, a California law that has been in effect since 1986 to promote clean drinking water and keep toxic substances that cause cancer and birth defects out of consumer products.