Alene Candles

Full-service contract manufacturing of superior quality, custom-designed fragranced candles

One of the cornerstones of our business is our exceptional commitment to innovation.

Our on-site, fully staffed Research & Development (R&D) department ensures that every Alene candle meets industry standards, as well as our own testing protocols.  

Alene R&D experts include a staff of veteran chemists and lab technicians dedicated to candle formulation, testing and innovation. Their mastery of the subtleties of candle arts has produced our reputation for making the finest candles in the industry – yet at an efficient and cost-effective value.

Our Vice President of R&D currently serves on the National Candle Association (NCA) Board of Directors and is also a contributing committee member. In addition, our marketing and creative office is located in New York City, allowing us to have our fingers on the pulse of the world´s most current design and fragrance trends.

Alene Candles' extensive R&D focus includes:



We see to it that your candle matches your specifications or target color, including Pantone® matching.

Wick Optimization

We ensure the best, cleanest burn. We recognize that the perfect wick needs to be selected for every combination of fragrance, wax formula and container in order to produce the cleanest-burning candle with full consumption. We stock over 400 different types of wicks, allowing us to select the correct one to bring out your candle's best.


Fragrance Throw

We ensure the candle emits the best fragrance performance for your formulation, whether cold or lit with a warming pool.

Formula Development

We pioneer cutting-edge wax blends and fragrance performance.



We meet both your project criteria and our quality standards.

Custom Programs

Alene has the ability – and the interest – to create an innovative strategy for your project. Just tell us your objective, and we'll develop a program to suit.