Alene Candles

Full-service contract manufacturing of superior quality, custom-designed fragranced candles


We adhere to this simple philosophy: Better candles require better materials. Whether we custom blend a formula or you provide your own, Alene is committed to outstanding craftsmanship.

In addition, as consumer demand grows for products that are made in the USA, all of our candles are made proudly in our New Hampshire and Ohio facilities. Our in–house team of chemists and technicians will work closely with you to ensure that your candle burns in the most effective and safe manner, eliminating quality concerns that often accompany inferior candles, such as excess wax residue, tunneling, soot or an uneven burn.

Our Candles

Alene specializes in fragranced candles including container, pillar, votives and tarts. We can also meet any number of pack-out needs, from full consumer packaging (tissue-wrapping, inner sleeves, banding, etc.) to gift and box sets.


The most important factor in a clean-burning candle is proper wick selection. All of our wicks are lead-free; we do not use wicks with metal cores.


Utilizing our close partnerships with the world‘s top fragrance houses, we will help identify and acquire the desired fragrance for your product – or assist you in developing your brand's signature scent.


Wax Formulations

Alene's wax formulas ensure the highest quality, clean burning candles. We offer a wide variety of custom wax candle programs including: 

  • Soy: 100% natural and kosher 
  • Soy/Paraffin Blends: our best selling formulations using only FDA-approved food-grade paraffins and soy
  • Natural: ranging from beeswax, to coconut, to palm
  • The latest in wax technologies including UV inhibitors and antioxidants


We pride ourselves in our ability to fill a wide variety of containers. Our designers search the world over for the latest styles and trends, or they can facilitate sourcing partnerships to obtain a custom vessel reflecting your company's distinctive style.

  • Glass: hand-blown, machine-made or custom 
  • Resin 
  • Ceramic 
  • Tins: travel-sized and decorative


Warehouse & Distribution

We make our candles domestically, which translates into rapid turnaround and delivery. Our distribution team is proficient in the logistics to take your project from start to finish. In addition, Alene‘s temperature-controlled warehouses enable us to drop-ship to individual locations, or bulk-ship to your distribution center.

Packaging & Design

Our team of talented graphic designers and packaging experts can assist with any aspect of your packaging and design process, including logos, boxes, labels, sleeves and bellybands – as well as more complicated label, box set or gift set applications.


Our company's past, present and future success rests on your trust. We absolutely respect the intrinsic value of your brand's proprietary information. We will never share any details or information about your project and guarantee it secure and confidential.